Why choose us?

We specialise in company optimisation. Often, this is associated with sharpening purpose, enhancing how key people and teams relate to others to maximise effectiveness, aligning systems and processes to help support everything and then making it all happen, either DIY or with our support.  You choose.

Every company is unique… but there are a lot of similarities between them all.  So, we offer a simplified step-by-step package of ‘standard’ optimisation training based on all our accumulated experience and education, which can be progressed at a pace suitable for you.  This is designed for busy executives, so it only covers what really matters… it is not a mini-MBA, nor is it rocket-science.  Each module is short and self-contained, meaning you can opt out after any step, with no ‘tie-ins’, so it’s practically risk-free.  And, we are always happy to tailor things according to your needs.

All of this is typically delivered via Zoom or MS Teams for ease, value for money and the environment, but we can also come to your offices, depending on where you are located.  We are located in the South-Central part of England, near Salisbury and the New Forest.

Our 4-step company optimisation process...


“Let’s Talk”

(it’s good to talk)

We have a free initial conversation with you (owner/CEO) to learn a bit about your company, plus discuss what you need and what we can do to help foster your success.

Use the ‘Contact’ page to initiate this conversation.


Company Optimisation Essentials


You (and your top team) do the single session ‘Company Optimisation Essentials’ training (approx. 2.5 hours) where you will learn the crucial elements for success.  As we discuss this, you will discover whether your company needs to make some improvements (or maybe not!).  This helps equip you for DIY optimisation… or move to Step 3.


Company Optimisation PRO

(further training)

You (and your top team) may wish to continue on to our four-part ‘Company Optimisation PRO’ training (approx. 2.5 hours each), to look at four of the most critical areas in greater depth… Purpose, People, Process, Progress.  Again, this helps you with even more effective DIY optimisation… or you can move to Step 4.


Bespoke Individual Services

(making it happen)

This is where you decide if you you would like some ‘hands-on’ support.  Most do.  All sorts of options are given as ideas for you during the PRO-series training, including the bespoke individual services noted below.    All this can be just short-term or over a longer period, maybe as your mentor or as your virtual ‘chief of staff’.  You choose.

Or, go straight for one of our bespoke individual services...

Personal Coaching for Executives

This is tailored and flexible one-to-one coaching to help develop your management skills and style, or maybe to improve your work-life balance for your wellbeing.  Can be linked to the topics from the ‘standard’ optimisation training, or be completely different.  Also, can include psychometric assessment to help with more focused development (this is optional).

Business-Critical Projects

This is for progressing specific projects only without general optimisation support… going for ISO 9001, improving work culture, reorganisation, or integrating a new business acquisition etc.  This can be via us directly working with you on the project or via us providing ‘remote’ mentoring support to help enable you to ‘go for it’ yourself more effectively.

Mediation & ‘Issue’ Resolution

This can be for internal company and family business ‘issues’, typically for disagreements between different team members, or with key external partners, which, if left festering and unresolved can certainly hinder optimisation of a company.  It can even be with lawyers representing each party, if the dispute has gone ‘legal’.

Sale & Succession Planning

This is to help you with the long lead time needed for a successful sale of the company or handover to a successor.  Basically, getting your company ‘ducks’ in a row and getting leadership team people up to speed to make the transition as smooth as possible, working alongside your accountant, as necessary.

Our service approach (to reassure you)...

  1. We have high competency levels – you get decades of relevant experience with top accreditations.
  2. We have structured approaches but readily flex and apply this to your individual needs.
  3. We go for the simplest approach consistent with the outcomes you want – no overcharging.
  4. We work in partnership, listening to you and your people, not operating beyond your control.
  5. We carefully navigate staff and culture matters – our expertise in business psychology is handy.
  6. We anticipate new ways of working will stick – your people being involved helps with ‘buy-in’.
  7. We operate confidentially – no disclosure of sensitive information, unless agreed by you.
  8. We seek to equip you to handle future issues yourself – no dependencies created.
  9. We typically deliver our services direct, only using trusted associates if this would benefit you.
  10. We work to positively impact your bottom line! – ROI can usually be measured simply.