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We have optimised many, many companies, or parts of companies, over the years, ranging from SMEs to departments or teams in larger corporates in the following sectors… this means that we can apply our skills and knowledge to practically any situation.

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Other than training work, these are examples of how we have helped optimise companies.  They show a range of what we can do… of course we do more than this, but they give a flavour.  To maintain confidentiality, we have also masked identification of the individuals and companies. 

High-tech engineering manufacturing SME company with global operations

Julian was a part-time consultant with a nominal Chief of Staff title to provide project and other high-level support for the CEO/owner on business and organisational development matters across all aspects of the company in order to help sustain its continual growth leading to its sale.  This included preparing the heir-apparent for taking over as the new CEO.  Specific work included, ISO 9001, CE and UKCA marking, governance including HR and H&S, factory and office moves, international partnership relations and other strategic matters.  The ISO 9001 Quality Management System was consistently rated by external auditors to be at ‘Grade 1’, which is the top level of achievement. 

Privately owned corporate company in the entertainment & hospitality sectors

The company operates from several locations across England and wanted to improve the way the CEO and his key directors functioned, each working at separate locations.  They were already successful and worked well together, but wanted to go to the next level.  The process took place, on and off, over a period of about a year, and began with the CEO, undertaking a 360-degree assessment of what all his key reports and chairman thought, plus undertaking several psychometric assessments to aid in the following executive coaching process.  The directors also had the assessments plus coaching, some opting to involve their senior teams below them, including management training.

Operational delivery team within an NHS foundation trust hospital

Julian was called in to help resolve the broken down relationships within a team of twelve supervisors/managers causing real dysfunction among them and filtering down to their staff – nothing was quite ‘provable’ enough for official action to be taken.  Over a period of several months, on and off, the toxic culture was shifted through informal interviews, whole-team facilitated meetings, personality preference work, staggered mediations and individual coaching to draw all this together.  Senior managers were also coached over continuing to manage the transition to a more healthy working culture.