Masterclass Modules & Discussion Workshops

Masterclasses overview

We have drawn from the very best of our decades-long experience, professional education and personal insights in senior management, business psychology and philosophy, executive and team coaching, business consulting and mediation to produce an integrated suite of 15 masterclass modules, designed to help leadership teams navigate the difficulties of adapting to the turbulent new era, and thrive!
Each module is short, up to 2 hours, yet has time for some interaction, perfect for busy executives who need to top up their knowledge in bite-sized chunks.  At this length, they can also be integrated into coaching programmes as appropriate. Breakthrough learning outcomes have been achieved when training programmes are coupled with coaching – this is a very powerful way to create successful change.
The modules can be mixed and matched as required, be turned into a well-rounded leadership training course, or be crafted into something else, tailor made for your particular requirements.
The masterclass modules
  1. Leadership Transformations for the New Era
  2. The 3Ps for Quality Leadership & Management
  3. Finding Purpose for Your Team & Organisation
  4. Influencing & Managing Change
  5. Tapping the Power of Stories
  6. Understand How People ‘Tick’
  7. Boosting Resilience & Wellbeing
  8. Developing People-Leadership & Engagement
  9. Developing Emotional Intelligence
  10. Understand & Manage Conflict
  11. Developing Strengths for Success
  12. Innovation Through Creative & Lateral Thinking
  13. Managing Problems & Decisions Effectively
  14. Having ‘Good’ Difficult Conversations
  15. Managing Performance Sustainably
Topic discussion workshops
For those who want to go deeper, you may prefer a facilitated 'round-table' discussion on any of the masterclass topics (or related variants you choose) to enable learning from each other and some application to ‘live’ situations faced by participants, with us as an expert guide to keep things on track.
This could be with a group of people from different parts of your organisation or from other related organisations where there may be a common problem or opportunity to work through.


It certainly was a very enlightening day for all of us. A number of the managers in particular made a point of telling me how much they enjoyed their time with you and how surprised they were to learn that whatever side of “the wall” they are working on they all share many of the same challenges.

Managing Director of an SME company

Julian has recently successfully helped us with some work which he has then followed up with developmental training to our internal management team. Not only did he assist in solving the problem but he then went on to provide ideas to stop it happening again. Julian is able to react to situations well, gain an understanding of the issues and then helped find a satisfactory resolution.

Eric Burrow, Consultant at Kingston Smith HR