Leadership Team & Executive Coaching

The challenges for leadership teams are growing: greater demand, higher quality, lower cost and more sustainability.  You may well know the saying that “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.  Snag is, this doesn’t work in the new era – continuing to do what you’ve always done will lead to the stagnation and death of your organisation!  This is where our coaching can help.

We have a wealth of experience helping top-tier and mid-tier leaders and their leadership teams go to the next level, toward excellence, all backed up with extensive coaching and business psychology education, plus masses of actual senior management experience to make it all well-grounded in the nitty-gritty realities of life.  For further information on our credentials, see the page ‘About Us’.
Coaching individual leaders/managers
Our executive coaching follows our tried and tested systematic processes which allow for flexibility in meeting individual development aspirations.  Usually, all sessions are face-to-face, but they can be conducted over the phone or by Skype after the initial face-to-face meeting where we get to know each other.  We can involve key stakeholders, trusted and chosen by you, as ‘critical friends’ or ‘accountability partners’ to support the developmental journey and make the whole process more robust and sustainable, plus evidencable in terms of your return on investment.
We typically coach with the support of some on-line psychometric assessment tools appropriate to the individual, in order to understand better how they operate – these help us to help them.  They can cover personality preferences, values, resilience, emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationship style preferences – all crucial matters when it comes to teamwork.  Naturally, pertinent aspects from our masterclass modules also get seamlessly built into all the coaching we do.
Coaching leadership/management teams
In contrast to a ‘team’ of leaders who actually work separately, a genuine team, which works together in a joined-up way, is absolutely critical to the future success of any business or organisation in the new era, particularly for senior teams, as they set the tone which others follow – and it is crucial for project teams and functional or professional teams too.
We conduct team coaching in a systemic way, working with the whole team, both when they are together and when they are apart, in order to help them both improve their collective performance and how they work together, aligned to a common purpose, and also how they develop their collective leadership to more effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider business.
The coaching journey consists of two distinct parts.  Part one is a journey of discovery, to assess where you are ‘at’ now measured against a range of critical success factors for the new era, and jointly charting options for a way forward.  You could stop at that stage as this exercise has real value in its own right.  Part two then goes on the transformational journey itself over a period of months according to the size of the gap between where you are ‘at’ now and where you want, or need, to be.  As with individual leader coaching, psychometric assessments and our masterclasses can be built in as appropriate, and your return on investment can be evidenced.


I found Julian to be very perceptive - he can see what the problems are... This experience has shown me that with the right coach, this can be far better than any management training course! My board could also benefit from this sort of help which Julian can provide!

Senior Manager within Siemens

The process Julian went through was extremely beneficial, leading to a more productive working relationship with the Finance Director, notably in dealing with particular management issues and handling difficult conversations better.

Deputy CEO for a large organisation

Julian has an ability to encourage people to look at issues in different ways.

CEO of large organisation