Examples of Our Work & Our Clients

These simplified examples covering some of the work we do are described in a way that masks identification of the individuals and companies involved in order to maintain confidentiality.

They show a range of what we do, from the difficult end of the spectrum to the simpler and gentler end of the spectrum.  Of course, we do a lot more than this; they just give a flavour.
Teamwork transformation...
...in a large departmental business unit
One departmental business unit of about 60 professional staff, within a public company of nearly 3,000 staff, had got itself into a dysfunctional state where teamworking was barely happening at all and the director of the business unit was almost exiled to his office, not wanting to come out, with a big HR caseload of problems with his staff.  The company’s Deputy CEO and HR Director got us to tackle the situation, which took about one year, on and off, involving many individual confidential interviews, several facilitated group discussions about our findings, and topic groups set up to resolve each group of key issues, and mentoring/coaching support to keep things on track.  Slowly, the relational ice melted, and immediately after the end-of-process review meeting held by the director, his four heads of department and other managers, he said in an email:
“Our staff meeting this morning went extremely well. Xx and Xx led discussion of the action plan and your report, which was received very well by everyone. Indeed, our meeting overran to last almost three hours as people were eager to share positive experiences and good news stories. I’ve attached a picture of the BBQ that followed the event and which has only just finished. I think you’ll agree that it is a very different atmosphere to the one you encountered a year ago.”
The Administration Manager also said, “It’s much more of a family feeling now and has exceeded the situation we had in the good old days,” and the HR Director said “I think we would all agree that the Business Unit has moved way beyond all our hopes and looks nothing like it did two years ago.”
Specific observations they made included:
  • Collaborative and coherent team working is very good with full and frank discussions
  • No HR caseload now – team tend to rely on each other and not go to HR for advice and they make common sense personal responses to issues which arise
  • Respect between all the staff – trust has been restored
  • Now attracting serious talent into the business unit
  • Even the formerly more ‘troublesome’ staff are considerably more ‘on-board’
  • Launching several exciting new projects
  • The heads of department are now acting as proper managers for their key areas
  • The business unit is now held up as an exemplar across the entire business group
  • It is now a vibrant department to work in
  • The director is now able to focus on strategic projects, relations and key developments
  • Personal and departmental ambition is growing
Executive coaching & development...
...for a senior leadership group of a large business
The CEO of a private company with about 1,500 staff, operating from several locations across England, wanted to improve the way he and his key directors functioned, each working at separate locations.  They were already successful and worked well together, but wanted to go to the next level individually.  The process took place, on and off, over a period of about a year, and began with the CEO, undertaking a 360-degree assessment of what all his key reports and chairman thought, plus undertaking several psychometric assessments to aid in the following executive coaching process.  The directors had the assessments plus coaching, some opting to involve their senior teams below them and one of these additionally opting to have the ‘full works’, coaching in conjunction with our leadership and management development programme, based on the masterclasses.
The CEO said of the last director who had the ‘full works’, in an email, “I’ve been tracking Xx as he has been working with you and he has most certainly enjoyed the experience and benefitted substantially. I also know Xx [his General Manager] was very impressed and has high hopes.”
Leadership team development (fast track)...
...for owners/partners of a small business
As a low cost, quick-intervention option, we provided some useful support in a two-stage session of just a few hours for a small management team that owns and runs a professional services company of about 40 staff.  The partners plus the practice manager wanted to improve the way they operated as a team, although they had no particular ‘issues’ to work on.  Stage one involved us listening to their story and asking questions to understand how they operated and then we asked them to complete a few on-line psychometric assessments.  After analysis of what they had said and what the assessments revealed, we moved to stage two which was a single morning session with them all together, to go through the results, highlighting areas for further development, and general discussion of practical applications for all this new knowledge, which they were energised and pleased to know about.  They said that this exercise helped explain things to them, further cemented their already positive working relationship and gave concrete steps to help them move to the next level of effectiveness in their teamworking and running their business.
Larger clients
We have supported or worked with key people and teams from large corporate organisations to SME sized businesses, sometimes through third parties, to deal with and support with all sorts of issues over the years, either personally as leaders, for their teams or for the organisation.

In order to retain the necessary confidentiality for those involved, we only name the larger organisations where there are too many people to guess who we might have helped:
Our many smaller clients, listed by type with no names, are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Global Payments
  • Siemens
  • O2 Telefonica
  • Symphony Teleca Plc
  • Sangoma Technologies Corporation
  • Brocade Communications Inc
  • Sourcefire Inc
  • PepsiCo
  • Heinz
  • Shire Pharmaceuticals UK
  • MAN Trucks & Busses UK (VW-Audi Group)
  • Southco Inc
  • Cabinet Office
  • QinetiQ
  • Paradigm Secure Services
  • Cap Gemini
  • Capita
  • UK Commission for Employment and Skills
  • Carillion Plc (three separate divisions)
  • MetroLine Travel
  • London United Busways
  • Omnibus Solutions
  • PCS Union
  • Unison
  • Unite
  • Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue
  • London Borough of Redbridge
  • Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
  • Wokingham Borough Council
  • Raglan Housing Association
  • Sentinel Housing Association
  • Stonewater Housing Association
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Reading
  • General Medical Council
  • Care UK
  • HQ Theatres & Hospitality
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Elsevier
  • Qube Learning
Smaller clients
  • Doctors, dentists and vets
  • Solicitors
  • Manufacturing firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Laboratories
  • Financial firms
  • HR practices
  • Branding and PR firms
  • Churches
  • Secondary schools
  • Property firms


I valued the role Julian played in fostering good relations between staff and management.

Corporate Director, public authority

Julian communicates effectively with people. His sensible and practical approach delivered solutions and adds value.

Head of HR and Organisational Development

Julian has excellent skills for coaching. He listens very carefully, asks great questions, challenges in a constructive way, and helps clients work out a realistic way forward. I found him a very genuine person, who wants to help others find win-win solutions.

David Wigfield, Head of Talent Management at Petrofac International

I used Julian as an executive coach over a period of a few months during a period of upheaval and transition, when I had to make some key decisions that would have significant impact. Julian’s support and his experience as a coach and facilitator were invaluable to me during this period. He helped me firstly to understand which attributes of the possible solutions mattered most to me, and then to prioritise my options and identify different ways of moving forward. Julian seemed to instinctively know when to act as a sounding board and when to take on a facilitator role, and his unobtrusive style made it possible to make progress quickly and painlessly, even when considering quite sensitive matters.

Stian Eriksen,
Director of Global Support Sales Operations, ORACLE Corporation (at the time of the comment).

Julian did an excellent job during a mediation I was involved in - as good as could have been hoped for. He eased our thoughts about the process and his calmness was extremely helpful, taking the sting out of the emotions even though you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. He was a very good listener, getting information out of us and looking at it through impartial eyes without leading the conversation. He got all the issues out, bringing them to a head and resolved the case.

Board Director, within a large company

I instructed Julian to act as mediator in a particularly sensitive employment dispute. I found Julian to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced and both my client and the opposite party were extremely complimentary of Julian following the mediation. He was viewed as highly professional but personable, and someone who was able to work with the parties to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome, even where this involved thinking 'outside the box'. These qualities lend themselves very well to someone in his role. I would certainly use Julian again.

Tanushree Sehmbi, Senior Legal Advisor at Sky

I worked with Julian for around 6 years and always found him to be an honest, responsible and caring person. We worked together on a number of teams and projects and he could always be relied upon to give considered and thoughtful opinions which had been carefully thought out and objective. Julian could be relied upon to give a balanced opinion and not to take sides in any of the issues we worked on.”

Peter Greenaway, Head of HR, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council