Consultancy, Advice, Support & Mentoring

This is a potentially broad area for intervention which we get involved in, sometimes on a short-term basis and others which go on for a longer time, where we can operate like a virtual COO or Chief of Staff, advising and supporting the CEO and/or other senior leaders in the background during transformation and other related projects, or by undertaking discreet projects for them.
The areas of advice, support and mentoring would typically be on issues related to the masterclasses, but are not limited to these due to our broad and long experience in management. We particularly enjoy helping organisations to think through their key issues strategically, holistically and in an integrated way, not ‘merely’ from the detail of the presenting issue alone. Three general areas of interest which benefit from this broader approach are as follows:
Policies, processes, procedures & quality management systems (QMS)

As all aspects of business and organisational life affect teamwork, so the various management policies, processes and procedures intended to guide teams and organisations need to be suitably crafted and aligned to get the best from everyone, this being especially important in the new era where agility really matters.  This is especially pertinent with quality management systems, like ISO 9001 – these need to be crafted so that they are a helpful tool and not a burden to teamworking excellence.

Note: we have been independently audited as having enabled a firm to reach the highest level of achievement in implementing the latest version of ISO 9001, i.e. with a “fully effective management system which meets all of the requirements”.
Management buyouts (MBOs) & succession planning
We also help with preparation for management buyouts (MBOs) and for succession planning, notably in family businesses, enabling an owner-CEO to eventually step back or exit in favour of the existing or new management team or a suitable relative taking over.  We undertake appropriate personal, team and organisational developmental work, to make the transition as smooth as possible, in association with other key professionals.  Great care is needed to get this right as a high proportion of businesses fail to survive into the second generation of ownership – managing change well takes great skill.
Reorganisations, mergers & acquisitions (M&As)
As with MBOs, M&As and major reorganisation is difficult to do well – major change is difficult, period.  We have supported senior leaders through several such major (and smaller) changes, the largest involving about 600 people, advising on the human implications in particular.  As it’s people who deliver your results during and after change, this aspect matters more than any other.  The operational aspects of organising change matter too, but need to be seen properly in this human context.  The same goes with integrating teams, cultures, values and systems – managing change well takes great skill, and we are here to help you.


Julian is a really considered, articulate and approachable individual who delivered for us. His approach is enabling and positive, very 'can-do'.

Elected leader of the cabinet and council at a local authority

Julian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his mentoring. He provides clients with extremely helpful perspectives and insights in order to fully help them understand their current situation and the key drivers involved. He expertly utilises a range of techniques and methodologies enabling clients to find a change of direction. On the journey I found Julian to be constructive, committed and incredibly skilled in finding a new strategy for myself - the return on invested time was hugely worthwhile and I would highly recommend his services.

Senior Project Leader in a large corporate company