About Us

Overview - we are a company which specialises in metaphorically building bridges, helping you and your business or organisation get to a better place by developing you and your people - people produce your results.  As a ‘niche’ company with a core ability to understand and deal with people and apply that knowledge in a business, team or organisational context, we are well placed to help you develop people strengths and deal with a multiplicity of people issues at work.

Julian Evans - when you employ us to deal with your issues, you will get Julian to personally take care of your situation.  See the page on Julian for details about him.  - t..  See the next page for details about Julia     n

Associates - we can be backed up with skilled and trusted associates when the occasion would make this helpful, all seasoned and qualified professionals with similar or complementary skills who we have known for many years. 

Codes of Practice and Values - we operate according to the relevant codes of professional conduct: Chartered Management Institute; Association for Coaching; British Psychological Society; Civil Mediation Council, and are covered by professional indemnity insurance.  Integrity and authenticity are core values of how we operate.

Professional Development - we love to learn and develop our practice for the joy of doing so and to serve clients better.  We are life-long learners.  This includes extra training where useful, CPD events and reading.  We also take comments from clients seriously so we can become even better at how we deliver our services.

Operating Area - based in Reading, Berkshire UK, we have different operating areas according to the type of work we do and the duration of it.  We have a global reach via our on-line psychometric assessments and use of Skype.  For face-to-face support of one or more full days duration, we can go UK-wide and for shorter duration face-to-face support (as individual coaching sessions are), we operate across the Thames Valley and London.  However, for such cases further afield, we would tend to make one rapport-building visit and then conduct the remainer of the sessions on Skype or telephone.

Pricing - we have the same pricing structure for all of our services - the pricing is 'blended' like our services.  So we could shift from one type of intervention to another during our time with you (if that was helpful to do) without any cost implications.

Discounts - we offer stepped discounts to reward greater engagement with us - this is our contribution to helping you create even more robust or more comprehensive solutions.  Delivery of our services to clients very local to us (i.e. in Reading, Wokingham or Bracknell, Berkshire, UK) may also be eligible for a further discount.

Data Protection - we take the security of personal data seriously and are GDPR compliant.  We process such data on the grounds of either 'legitimate interests' or 'contract'.  We will not share personal data with anyone except as required by law or to facilitate our engagement with you, e.g. with associates, as discussed with you.  Naturally, you may choose to opt out of future marketing communications from us, and you have access to all relevant legal rights concerning your data and how we handle it.


Company Information

Littleton Evans and Littleton Evans: Building Bridges are trading names of Littleton Evans Limited.  Company registered in England No 6632041.  Registered office: 2 Lancaster Gardens, Earley, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 7PA, UK .  VAT No: 946 7348 80 



Julian has recently successfully helped us with some mediation work which he has then followed up with developmental training to our internal management team. Not only did he assist in solving the problem but he then went on to provide ideas to stop it happening again. Julian is able to react to situations well, gain an understanding of the issues and then helped find a satisfactory resolution. (This is a public comment on LinkedIn).

Eric Burrow, Principal Consultant at HR Insight

What I always hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion.

G. K. Chesterton