TEAM Coaching & Facilitating Discussions

When might this service be useful?


It may be that after conducting an informal confidential investigation or a business consulting exercise across a team or organisation that there is a need or desire to have a wider discussion on the issues raised for change or resolution.  Or, maybe that desire has arisen without such interventions.


Either way, such conversations can become difficult to navigate due to people's emotions creating a feisty or silent approach to engagement, due to a natural fear of the unknown, i.e. what might happen next or what might be agreed.


The higher the stakes = the higher the emotion = the harder the discussion.


What makes us good at such discussions?


As mediators, we are accustomed to handling very high-stakes conversations and negotiations.  Meetings and discussions with your people over change or issues for resolution can become a powerful force for good in the team if they are handled sensitively and with skill, consolidating cohesion/unity, engagement and discretionary effort.


We can conduct such discussions or wider engagement using a typical facilitated approach (generally non-directional) or move toward a group coaching approach where attitudes, ideas and beliefs can be reality-checked or challenged appropriately, with other ideas also being put into the mix, as appropriate, for the group to consider (ideas sparked off in the moment, or thought of before), in order to reach a more robust outcome.



We were not expecting that to go so well (facilitated team meeting).
PC, Manager in FTSE listed company.

Julian is a really considered, articulate and approachable individual who delivered for us. His approach is enabling and positive, very 'can-do'. (Ref: a facilitation).

Elected leader of a local authority