SKYPE Coaching & Mentoring (UK to USA...)

This is exactly the same as face-to-face coaching or mentoring except that it is done remotely, via phone or Skype.  This is a very commonly used method of coaching and is the only method available if we cannot get to you or you to us, or if you want to make the coaching engagement cost a little less.


As with face-to-face coaching, we can offer a single 'blockbuster' coaching session (for more 'straightforward' matters) or blocks of three sessions, which are at a discount, and normally include psychometric questionnaires (people find these fascinating!).  Six sessions would normally be the maximum needed.



International clients (i.e. non-UK)


Because clarity of communication is so crucial in coaching, especially when done remotely, we can only consider coaching international clients who are able to easily speak business English fluently and clearly.



On-line psychometric assessments for all


As all of our psychometric assessments are done on-line, undertaking these remotely would be a seamless process.




Julian has excellent skills for coaching. He listens very carefully, asks great questions, challenges in a constructive way, and helps clients work out a realistic way forward. I found him a very genuine person, who wants to help others find win-win solutions. (This is a public comment on LinkedIn).

David Wigfield, Head of Talent Management at the RELX Group