PSYCHOMETRIC Assessment - Personality/Style

We are fully qualified to undertake a wide range of useful psychometric assessments which help us to assess individual’s preferences in relating to other people and to tasks in all sorts of contexts. All of the assessments are done on-line, with a detailed and helpful PDF report produced, enabling us to support the development of individuals across the globe as part of an executive coaching programme or, more locally, as part of a team development engagement.



What assessments can we do?


The assessments we can undertake include the following developmental areas:

  • Personality preference/type (both ‘is’ and ‘want’)
  • Detailed personality inventory (benchmarked for comparison)
  • Resilience
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Values for motivation
  • Team roles
  • Learning styles
  • Interpersonal relationship style preferences
  • ‘Dark-side’ behaviours (these can emerge under pressure)


Special 'paired' assessments


Some of these assessments allow for a 'paired' option, meaning that both you and another trusted and honest colleague (selected by you) answers the questions.  The other person does not get to see the results, but this adds real power to the coaching conversation as we can compare your perspective of yourself with their perspective of you - where there are differences, this opens up an even richer developmental conversation than is possible with the 'single' version (i.e. just you answering the questions).





Julian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his coaching. He provides clients with extremely helpful perspectives and insights in order to fully help them understand their current situation and the key drivers involved. He expertly utilises a range of techniques and methodologies enabling clients to find a change of direction. On the journey I found Julian to be constructive, committed and incredibly skilled in finding a new strategy for myself - the return on invested time was hugely worthwhile and I would highly recommend his services (This is a public comment on LinkedIn).

Liam Finn, PMO Analyst at Aegon UK.