Overview of Services

Masterclass modules & discussion workshops...
...the easy entry-level option
Our support for your team transformations can begin simply and quickly via our range of short off-the-peg masterclass training sessions, selected according to what you need or want – ideal for busy people.  These can be tailored to what you need or want and can be ‘converted’ into discussion workshops on hot topics highly relevant to you.
Leadership team & executive coaching...
...the catalyst for transformational change
We mainly do coaching with senior leadership teams, and/or individual leaders at that level, as they are responsible for setting the strategic direction, structure and culture of the organisation.  To make the change journey more robust and sustainable, key stakeholders would also be involved and we build into the process ways of demonstrating your return on investment.
Wider facilitated transformations & resolutions...
...rolling up our sleeves with or for you
Having worked through the issues at this top level, we would then offer to support, or jointly deliver with the senior leadership team, transformational change across the organisation, in a flexible, engaging and collaborative way, according to what was wanted.  As before, the key stakeholders would also be included to bring much added value.
We can also provide ‘stand-alone’ facilitated support for other unrelated organisational engagement and change issues which you want to get staff and stakeholder views on prior to a final decision, or for particular issues of intra-team or inter-team conflict which need resolving by expert facilitation or formal mediation – a very useful resource for you.
Consultancy, advice, support & mentoring...
...your trusted strategic advisor and confidante
If the senior leadership team want to roll out transformative changes themselves, we can provide background mentoring or consultancy support and guidance to help at each key stage, or act like your own virtual chief of staff.
Please do have a browse through the following web pages which provide further details on our individual services.  All of them can be ‘blended’ as appropriate to your particular circumstances.
Our approach... to reassure you
1. We have high competency levels – you get decades of relevant and up-to-date experience.
2. Julian Evans will deliver your support, or will project lead with highly experienced associates.
3. We have structured approaches but do flex this to the individual needs of each client.
4. We apply original and fresh thinking to client problems – not standardised solutions.
5. We go for the simplest approach consistent with the outcomes you want – no overcharging.
6. We work in partnership with you – not operating beyond the control of management.
7. We operate confidentially – no disclosure of sensitive information, unless agreed by you.
8. We seek to equip clients to handle future issues themselves – no dependencies created.
9. We work to positively impact your bottom line! – ROI can usually be measured simply.


The directors appreciated your guidance, impartiality, comprehension of the complex long-standing issues before us and for ‘seeing’ the means whereby they could be resolved.

Ian Tucker, Managing Director of SME company

We have used Julian's services on a couple of occasions in complex circumstances. He was able to expertly provide working solutions which ensured improved relations and more effective operation.

Nigel Pearce, HR Director of large organisation

I found your services very easy to use, largely because you're great to work with and take a practical approach, so thank you for that.

Mary Banham-Hall, Managing Director of SME company