Overview of Our 'Blended' Services

How do we build bridges to a 'people first' approach?

We specialise in building bridges to help leaders, teams and organisations put people issues first, in order to create greater success for all areas of the business or organisation (it also helps improve the lives of those involved!).

We use the following interventions, either on their own or in any ‘blended’ combination, tailored as appropriate for each unique situation:

  • Training modules or programmes in groups & facilitated ‘round-table’ learning.
  • Executive coaching & mentoring for senior managers/business owners/top leadership.
  • Psychometric assessments for personality/style factors (for individuals & teams).
  • Informal confidential investigations & information gathering with issues analysis.
  • Business consulting across a team/organisation with diagnosis and support for change.
  • Team coaching & facilitating discussions on change or issues for resolution.
  • Mediation of conflict in the workplace & between business partners or stakeholders.


Problems with individual interventions offered by others
For simple/contained issues, any of the individual interventions noted above may well be adequate.  But often, there is a web of issues that gives rise to the ‘presenting’ issue – if this web is not dealt with at the time, the issue can simply grumble on, resurface later, or spread.  Not what you would want!


'Blended' holistic support is better

We offer a very powerful mix of tools and interventions which together can tackle almost any people issue as they complement and reinforce each other, and do so in a 'proper' and sustainable way, not as a simple quick fix, but as a long-term solution – especially relevant where ongoing relationships matter.


Do you want help?  What to do next...

Please email us the basic details of the issue you would like help with (just a couple of lines) and provide your phone number so we can have an initial conversation to consider what you need and what we can offer, to see if there is a good match between us (see 'Contact Us' page)

We always prefer to deliver our services in person wherever possible (essential for most of our services), but to enable executive coaching and mentoring in locations further afield, or to keep costs lower, we can do this via Skype or phone, including use of on-line psychometric assessments.


I value the role Julian has played in fostering good relations between staff and management.

KB, Corporate Director,
local authority

Julian communicates effectively with people. His sensible and practical approach delivers solutions and adds value.

SS, Head of HR.

Julian wins the trust of both sides - he can get through to people on a human level. He is a valuable asset in contentious circumstances.

LK, Solicitor.