Julian Evans FCMI, Director

His story/background

Julian set up Littleton Evans in 2008.  Prior to that, he gained 25 years of broad-based business experience in both the private and public sectors, up to board level.  During that time he gained an amazing depth and breadth of experience dealing with and managing people effectively - he has found that people are people, whatever situation they are in and whatever level they are at.

He was originally a design professional and eventually became a senior manager involved mainly in project managing local and strategic change programmes for local government, delivered by him and his teams of creative and technical profesionals.  His roles included facilitation of multi-party stakeholder consultations and working parties for key projects involving social, environmental and economic factors – this included the affected/interested businesses, myriad professionals, politicians, the public and pressure-groups.  Strategic diplomacy and detailed tactics were thoroughly tested and honed during this period - ideal for creative people development and resolution of their issues.

He was also the leader of the volunteer staff-to-management engagement team (the union!) covering 600 staff for many years during this same period.  He dealt with performance, career, behavioural, relationship and stress issues at one end of the scale and strategic direction, organisational change, restructures, mergers and relocations at the other end of the scale.  He was 'chief' negotiator, coach, mentor, investigator and mediator, both for his members (officially) and for all the management too. Successive CEOs and directors appreciated working with Julian because he made their lives much easier with his balanced approach to solution seeking, thereby benefitting the organisation - ideal for gaining trust with people.

Since 2008, Julian has thoroughly enjoyed helping people and firms in a wide variety of sectors and situations, from global household-name multi-nationals through to SMEs and leaders/managers as private individuals, undertaking the services detailed on this website.  His broad experience makes him a useful resource - he is a consultant/associate to other organisations and he acts as a part-time senior-level support for established business owners/directors.  Feedback shows his skills are appreciated!

TRIVIA: Julian's first job was a gardener and painter/decorator (ran his own business while at school); he used to be a motorcyclist (great fun); he was a karate instructor and won silver medal at a regional tournament (it hurt sometimes); he saw five planets one night through his telescope (not all at once!); he finds reading and studying very satisfying (a life-long learner); he has experienced some really difficult times in his life and come through the other side having learned a lot (being a man of faith helped); he enjoys walking along the beautiful Thames Path (and has been known to coach some people in that environment); married for 30 years with two adult children (grateful and happy).


Coaching credentials

Having coached a large number of people (CEOs, directors, heads, managers, staff and private citizens), in problem situations, including conflict, over the last 26 years, Julian has notched up a considerable number of coaching hours, to the exclusive level required to be a 'Master Coach'.

This is matched by an integrated and comprehensive suite of university accredited degree-level coaching certificates (Advanced Certificate in Psychological Coaching), taught by two top-class coaching and occupational psychologists. The modules included the following:

  • Certificate in Coaching.
  • Certificate in Psychological Coaching.
  • Certificate in Performance Coaching.
  • Certificate in Assertion and Communication.
  • Certificate in Organisational and Occupational Stress Management.

He is also a professional Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC).

Used by the world-class Henley Business School as a guest speaker and trainer on coaching and entrepreneurship - delivered to business executives and masters-degree business students.


Psychological assessment & development credentials

  • Accredited by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations – awarded their European Test User Certificate for Work and Organisational Assessments.
  • Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS - UK chartered body for psychologists) and on their register of competent persons for undertaking personality and ability assessments (formerly Level A & B).
  • BPS qualification in personality: theories, differences, issues, assessment.
  • Member of The Association for Business Psychologists (MABP), at their highest level of professional membership, Principal Practitioner.
  • Trained and accredited in a wide range of market-leading psychometric instruments to help assess people and to fast-track coaching support – emotional intelligence, resilience, team relationships and team roles, personality types and traits, personal values, conflict styles, derailing 'dark-side' behaviours.
  • Studied psychology with the University of Oxford.


Management credentials

  • After his honours degree, post-graduate diploma and chartered professional exams, Julian also got a Diploma in Management and completed a comprehensive and integrated suite of leadership development courses in-house.
  • In addition, he went through a comprehensive Executive Business Development Programme at CASS Business School, City University of London.
  • He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI) in recognition of his extensive senior management experience.
  • Was selected by the Institute of Directors as one of their experts in leadership.


Mediation credentials

  • Registered Mediator with the UK Civil Mediation Council (CMC).
  • Certified Mediator with the International Mediation Institute (IMI).
  • Triple accredited mediator: for workplace and employment cases (TCM Group); for civil and commercial cases (ADR Group); and for hybrid family and business cases (ADR Group again).
  • Invited by ACAS to join their panel of independent arbitrators/mediators to deal with collective employment disputes and to supplement their conciliation service.















Our staff meeting this morning went extremely well. XX and XX led discussion of the action plan and your report, which was received very well by everyone. Indeed, our meeting overran to last almost three hours as people were eager to share positive experiences and good news stories [after the process you took us through]. I’ve attached a picture of the BBQ that followed the event and which has only just finished. I think you’ll agree that it is a very different atmosphere to the one you encountered a year ago.

MD of the business unit