INVESTIGATIONS in the Workplace

We can undertake formal investigations in connection with workplace grievance cases to support your HR policy implementation.

Our particular expertise in this area is informal investifgations, as detailed below.

There are times in all workplaces where issues can arise and never really surface, although everyone knows that something is not quite right.  Sometimes, this is called the ‘elephant in the room’.

At other times, there is a known issue which has surfaced and is talked about, but no-one knows quite what to do about it as there is either insufficient evidence to take official ‘action’, or there can be uncertainty or hesitance to tackle it in other ways.

In both of these scenarios, lack of ‘real-world’ information about the facts and the feelings of the people affected and involved is a hindrance to dealing with the issue – this is where we can help.



What makes us good at doing this?

Executive coaches and mediators are accustomed to quickly creating rapport with people, treating what they say with confidence, and moving conversations toward desired resolutions.  Consequently, we can undertake confidential one-to-one meetings with all relevant people to ascertain what is really going on, what they think about it and how it affects them and team functionality.  Our usual experience is that people are willing to 'open up' in these situations, knowing that their voice will be heard, but in a safe and anonymous way.



What outcomes would there be?

After speaking with everyone, we would aggregate all of the feedback, analyse it and produce a report revealing what we have found, not based on who said what (normally it would be anonymous), but on what the various topics or issues are.  We would make recommendations on the best way forward, enabling appropriate and targeted developmental action that can be taken based on this - this could involve us, you and us, you alone, or others.


I have been struck by Julian's ability to gain the confidence of people, get them to concentrate on the heart of the case, actively encouraging them to look at the issues from different perspectives and coaxing them toward resolution.

GH, local government Chief Executive (at the time of the comment).