BUSINESS Consulting/Analysis of a Team/Org

This is a broad area for intervention which we get involved in, sometimes on a short-term basis and others which go on for a longer time.  As all aspects of business and organisational life affect the people it employs, so the various management policies and processes intended to guide these very people need to be suitably crafted and aligned to get the best from them.  Remember, it is your people who create your results.



How do we typically analyse a business?


To get a good initial and overall impression of a business, we like to broadly assess the following key areas:
  • How the vision and strategy is shaped and communicated, looking at the context of the business.
  • How the key business relationships are functioning, being developed and aligned to the vision.
  • How the strategy is being executed with the production of goods or services which satisfy customers.
  • How the five key management tasks are being performed, executing all of the above.
All these areas, and more, are covered in our management and leadership development training programme.



What issues could this be applied to?


An interesting area we help with is succession planning, especially for family businesses, enabling an owner to eventually step back in favour of a suitable relative to take over, after undertaking appropriate developmental work with them both, to make the transition as smooth as possible.
Other areas of traditional management which can have a large bearing on people are quality management systems, like ISO 9001, the approach to health, safety and welfare, plus staff handbook policies, notably company values, communication up-line and down-line, training and development, appraisals and general issues of fairness.
All of these areas, and more, can be ascertained, analysed and diagnosed, with recommendations for improvement being made by us.  These recommendations may be for quick-wins and/or for longer term improvement, either with us supporting you through the change process, or you doing it yourself, or by suggesting other more suitable consultants.


Julian has an ability to encourage people to look at issues in different ways.

TC, CEO of large organisation.

The directors appreciated your guidance, impartiality, comprehension of the complex long-standing issues before us and for ‘seeing’ the means whereby they could be resolved.

IT, Managing Director, small property company.